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Reprinted: Exclusive interview of Solorein -ICCSZ.COM

Issue Date:2009/10/29  Hits:3335
Reprinted: Exclusive interview of Solorein -ICCSZ.COM As the first domestic manufacturer of PLC chip, Solorein bears a sense of mystery and nobility in the same industry. Taking the chance of CIOE 2009, ICCSZ.COM interviewed Solorein’s president Dr. Li.

Once at the exhibition stand of Solorein, incessant groups of people were seen observing and asking about the products. Dr, Li also warmly talked with the clients with a cordial and pleasant look.

The exhibitions mainly included WINC, V-Groove, PLC splitter, etc. All the publicity materials were written in English, which reflects the background and strength of Solorein as a China-US joint venture.

As the first enterprise of PLC chip techs in China, Solorein has caught widespread attention of the outside world in terms of its clients, purchase order and marketing. Dr. Li tried to answer every question raised by the curious visitors, but they were still interested.Dr. Li enthusiastically said to us, “At present, we have more than 40 superior clients. For example, in a recent China Telecom bidding that attracted great attention, most of first and second-class manufacturers are our clients. Our PLC splitter chips and FA Products are all in mass production to meet our customer’s demanding.

Dr. Li (right) is talking with fervour and assurance at the interview by ICCSZ.COM

This year, the fast development of PLC market undoubtedly brings Solorein a great impetus. Solorein took this opportunity to move on. This is just like what Dr. Li usually said, “Opportunities favor a prepared person”. It is the great technical strength and talent reserve that enable Solorein to have done the right thing at the right time.”

Solorein has always been focused on R&D of PLC tech-based products. In PLC technology platform, Dr. Li thinks that PLC splitter is just a simplest product and they have confidence in making it better. As a passive product, the craft of PLC chip has been fairly mature and its quality is very reliable. It has taken on a reliable commercial prospect.

Facing the ongoing severe competition from abroad, what should Solorein do? How to respond? Dr. Li, said confidently that Solorein is actually a PLC chip manufacturer which dwarfs many foreign manufactures in many ways: 1. Domestic purchasers from agents of foreign companies have limited fund and cash flow, somewhat affecting their purchased amount; 2. These agents have no technical support team of their own; 3. In case of quality problem, it is not easy to ask for replacement; 4. Because of language barrier and cultural differences in the tech and business communication, the friendly & cordial feeling is somewhat lost. The way Dr. Li thinks about the market reversely and his unique insight of market benefited us a lot.

As for future development, Dr. Li has a plan in his mind: Solorein will continue to specialize in PLC tech derivatives, but will make some FA according to customers’ needs. Later on, Solorein will launch VOA, optical switch and WINC, etc. ICCSZ.COM hopes that Solorein will rise in a near future.

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